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No Food or Drinks.


Bookbags by Wall.


Nothing on top of a laptop.


Nothing on tables except pen and paper.


Always follow Henry County Internet Acceptable Use Policy found at:

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click:  technology

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Always follow ACCESS Netiquette/Acceptable Use Policy found at:

click:  students

click:  policies/read more

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Do your own work.

Cheating is not acceptable.

Copying and pasting from the internet is plagiarism (cheating).


No taking quizzes or exams outside of class ever for any reason.


Use ACCESS email only to message your teacher or facilitator. Email is not private and may be viewed by your teacher at any time.


Do not change the desktop background on the laptops.


Do not download anything to the laptops (music, games, etc.)


Do not watch tv, videos, or listen to music online.


Please keep your electronic devices out of view. Never connect them to a laptop, and do not connect them to outlets for charging.